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Thermos Water Bottle with Phone Stand and Mirror

Thermos Water Bottle with Phone Stand and Mirror

Mobile Montreal

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Thermos water bottle Maintains temperature for 24 hours, both hot and cold.

Versatile Single Lid, Convenient and Functional. It serves not only as a cup cover but also as a mobile phone holder. Additionally, the cup cover features a built-in small mirror.

Anti-Skid Base: The cup's underside is completely coated with rubber, ensuring noiseless placement while providing effective slip and impact resistance.

Equipped with integrated tea storage, this container accommodates tea, and aromatic blends, and doubles as a jewelry safekeeping case.

stainless steel tea strainer, designed for effortless separation of tea residue, ensuring the extraction of pure and exquisite tea

The cup's rim undergoes a specialized polishing technique, resulting in a refined and velvety-smooth surface that offers a pleasant tactile experience

Crafted from a non-slip material, this lid serves as a multipurpose accessory, functioning as a mobile phone holder that is both portable and effortlessly convenient